RD Solutions
Your source for nutrition labeling

RD Solutions is a company that redefines healthy menu options through nutrition analysis.  We specialize in providing 

you with accurate nutritional information including unrestricted access to your data.  We aim to help retain the tradition of 

your foods while highlighting healthy selections on your menu.  Our approach aids in improving your image, increasing 

revenue, and decreasing food costs. 


California State Law (SB1420) requires chain restaurants to provide nutritional information for their menu items as of 

January 2011.  The creation of this new policy is partially due to an increased awareness of the the importance of 

health and wellness as it relates to diet and exercise and highlights the significance of nutritional data to help aid in 

choosing the best menu options to accommodate one’s health goals. This is the right opportunity for independent 

restaurateurs to advance ahead of policy requirements and meet new consumer demands.